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Emergency Auto Repair

In the world of auto repair and maintenance, emergencies happen. We are here to help when they do. Give us a call, stop by, or have your vehicle towed to a Metro Motor near you. Our service centers are staffed with highly skilled auto repair experts and we’ll get right on it.

When The Unexpected Happens

Emergencies can result from many “everyday” things that may happen to a car; for instance, damage to struts and suspension from hitting a pothole or a curb, or losing power steering or brakes due to an unchecked fluid leak. It can also occur when regular maintenance is put off or overlooked and parts wear out, break down, get clogged up, or generally cease to function as they should. When this happens, things may spike to an emergency level “all of a sudden” even if the problem has been building gradually. In addition to poor performance, your car may become unsafe to drive until the problem is fixed. We agree that that is an emergency and our expert auto mechanics are here to help.

Some severe service requirements that, if unattended, may result in the need for emergency auto repair include:

There are more, but these are big. By staying on top of scheduled maintenance check-ups (pretty affordable), you can eliminate or greatly reduce the chances of ever having to deal with the inconvenience, risk, and greater expense of emergency auto repair. Still…it happens. When it does, we’re here to help.

Metro Motor is an Approved AAA Repair facility and employs ASE-certified professionals that meet the industry’s highest standards for auto care service, diagnosis and auto repair. We’ll find out what’s wrong, discuss it with you, and then take care of it. Your peace of mind, safety and complete satisfaction is our goal.

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