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Should you take your car to an independent mechanic or to the dealership?

See why Metro Motor is the clear choice for automotive repairs.

When some people hear a thump in their engine or a grind when they brake, the first instinct is to search for “dealer near me.” For many, the dealership is the first port of call for a car, truck, or van that needs service when still under warranty. But that doesn’t mean a dealership is the best choice for automotive repairs. The next time your car needs servicing, consider this:


Dealerships are pretty cool spaces, right? But all that glass, stone, and steel that combine to make a sleek showroom comes at a cost. Large facilities, staffed with an army of salesmen, don’t come cheap. That extra overhead at a dealership translates to higher prices for your automotive repairs. By contrast, an independent mechanic can keep prices down by working out of a smaller neighborhood automotive shop.

Independent mechanics can also guide you through which repairs are absolute essential to keep your vehicle on the road, versus those repairs that can be safely delayed. Dealerships receive incentives to sell you more factory-built parts, but independent mechanics know that sometimes you just want to keep an older car running without putting too much money into it. At Metro Motor, we’ll review all your options, so you can make the most informed choice for your budget and your car.


Remember those large dealerships we were just talking about? Think about where they’re located – chances are, there are no convenient “dealerships near me.” Most often, they require a sprawling space to accommodate the car lot and showroom, so dealerships pop-up in the far suburbs where land is less expensive. You’ll probably drive past a dozen independent mechanics on your way to a dealership.

By contrast, Metro Motor has 12 locations in and around the Washington, D.C. metro area, including Northern Virginia and Maryland. We’re often located just around the corner, and we care about the neighborhoods we serve. When it comes to convenience, you can’t beat an independent automotive mechanic like Metro Motor.

Dedicated Service & Personal Relationships

At a dealership, you’re often treated as just another number in the caravan of cars and trucks that will arrive for service that day. In fact, you likely won’t ever even meet the technician who’s working on your car. That’s not true at an independent shop. We get to know you and your car personally, so that we can recommend the best automotive repair solution for your individual needs.

Our great reputation means the world to us at Metro Motor, so we work hard to ensure each and every car, van, and truck that comes through our bay doors gets 100% percent of our attention and care. We get to know you by name. Our goal isn’t to upsell you on a new car – it’s to get you rolling again with same-day, AAA-approved auto repair by ASE-certified technicians. We go the extra mile so your car can, too.

So the next time you think about searching for a “dealer near me” to take care of your auto repair needs, consider searching instead for “Metro Motor near me.” We’ve even made that easier for you, too! Explore our 12 convenient locations and meet your local auto mechanic on your next visit!

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