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4 Signs Your A/C is on the Way Out

4 Signs Your A/C is on the Way Out

The spring weather may still bring a chill, but don’t be fooled. The annual heat of a DC summer is around the corner. Now is a good time to think about what that means for your car, in particular what sort of service your car’s air conditioning system could need to be fully prepared. At Metro Motor, we advocate that our customers proactively take care of their vehicle, but we understand emergency repairs sometimes need to happen. So, what are some signs your A/C system is in need of a tune up?

1. You Hear Noises

Arguably the worst feeling as a car owner is hearing usual noises coming from under the hood. These sounds can come from almost any part of your engine, so it can take some sleuthing to determine if your A/C is the cause. If you notice a loud clunking noise when turning your A/C on or the persistent thrum of an overworked fan, then it’s safe to say your A/C is the most likely culprit.

2. You Notice a Strange Smell Coming From Your Car Vents

A less heart-stopping, but maybe more unpleasant, tell-tale sign that it’s time to get you A/C inspected is a strange odor. In this case, it would smell like something is burning, and that’s because it is. Burning smells coming from A/C systems are often indicators of fluid leaking on to other parts of your engine and becoming heated.

3. Your Air Doesn’t Come Out Cold

With how muggy it can get in the DMV, this could probably be the first thing you notice if the first two items aren’t present. It could be time for a check up if you notice a sudden change in how cold your air is getting. This could also be the case if you only receive cool air sporadically, which could indicate a falling seal.

4. Your Car Leaks

Perhaps the most noticeable sign that your car’s A/C may need a tune up is if you spot a leak. If you see a river of coolant under your car, a seal is broken and it needs fixing as soon as possible. Most coolant liquids are brightly colored, so take note of any odd puddles your parked car may leave behind.

All of these issues are not cause for immediate alarm, but they can become serious if ignored. Whether you’ve experienced some of these problems or you're looking to have preventative A/C service done, all Metro Motor locations remain open and are offering a Spring Sanitizing Air Conditioning and Filter Special. The special includes:

  • Recharge A/C System with Dye to help find any leaks.
  • Clean Evaporator Core - disinfects and removes debris, nicotine, oils, grime, bacteria, mold and spores from cabin filter compartment.
  • Install new HEPA dust and pollen cabin air filter.
  • Restores A/C Performance and a cleaners, healthier cabin environment.
  • Engine Coolant Flush and multi-point inspection.

Schedule an appointment to breathe easy about your car’s A/C. 


Vehicle care information made available by Metro Motor is presented as helpful advice for general maintenance and should not be construed as instructions for at-home vehicle service. Be sure to consult your owner’s manual and a licensed, professional mechanic for diagnostics and repair.

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