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Metro Motor Often Asked About Premium vs. Regular Gas

Washington DC car owners often ask the question: “Will using premium gas make my car run better?” The answer is simple. But first, let’s talk about what exactly premium gasoline is.

New Car for Summer Travel: Lease Or Buy?

Lease? Or buy? These are the options for car financing. It’s always a tough question for Washington DC motorists. But here is some info that’ll help you make an informed decision.

How to Know When to Replace Your Shocks and Struts

Today we’re talking to Washington DC car owners about shocks and struts. They’re easy to forget because they last so long and wear out so slowly. But, good shocks equal good ride quality and safe handling for motorists. Without shocks, your wheels would be bouncing over bumps and lifting in corners. They push the tire down to the road to maximize traction.

On Board Diagnostics For Washington DC Motorists

Some Washington DC car owners wonder why Metro Motor and other Washington DC auto repair shops charge a fee for diagnostic services.

Washington DC Drivers: Benefits of Regular Auto Maintenance

A generation ago, Washington DC auto owners seemed to be more inclined to keep their vehicle’s preventive maintenance on schedule. One reason for this may be that vehicles back then were a lot less reliable than they are today. Having your late model vehicle in to your Washington DC shop every year or two for repairs seemed to be a good reminder to keep the oil changed.


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